Nature can inspire art in many ways, from photorealism to abstraction. Artists often find inspiration in the natural world, using their senses and imagination to create works of art that reflect their observations and experiences. Nature can also provide a source of meaning and purpose for artists, as they explore the connection between themselves and the environment.

Some web sources that I found from searching on the web are:

– Nature in Art: Detailed Discussion of Nature Inspired Art and Artists — Art is Fun: This article discusses the exploration of nature in art, and how nature provides us with a vast wealth of inspiring phenomena. It also gives examples of different artists and artworks that are based on nature, such as landscape paintings, abstract forms, and animal portraits.
– Nature as Artistic Inspiration | The Huntington: This page provides some examples of nature-inspired artworks from The Huntington’s collections, and some activities for students to engage with the artworks. It also explains how artists interact with nature using multiple senses and create works of art that incorporate what they observe.
– Nature in Art: How Nature Can Inspire Your Creativity as an Artist: This article explains how nature can inspire your creativity as an artist, and how you can use different Earth-related elements, such as water, stones, sticks, soil, and leaves, to create artworks. It also gives some tips on how to find inspiration in nature, such as observing, sketching, photographing, and collecting.
– The Importance of Nature in Art: This article discusses the importance of nature in art, and how it can be a critical theme in many forms of artwork. It also explains how nature can influence our emotions, thoughts, and actions, and how art can help us appreciate and protect nature.